Marduk Odense
Marduk Odense Metal


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Marduk is the most hard-working and without a doubt also the most popular Swedish black metal band, who with their relentless and aggressive style have always appealed to any fan of both black and death metal.

We are extremely proud to welcome Marduk as the 2nd main headliner for the first edition of Odense Metalfest. The Swedish black metal battle tank is in great shape and has for years lived up to their name taken after the Babylonian god of storms, who created the earth and the sky out of the remains of the dragon Tiamat.

Marduk also sacrificed his son and used his blood mixed with earth to create humanity. Then it has been established that it will not go quietly when the Swedish black metal kings finally come to Denmark again and also play their first ever concert in Odense!

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