Extended Suicide

Extended Suicide

Date: 22/10
Time: 15:15 – 16:00
Stage: Main stage

Extended Suicide is a 3-piece hardcore punk band from Odense/Malaga, which have gained alot of interest during the years since they started in 2011.
They play fast and uncompromising frantic hardcore skate punk, drawing on influences from the classic hc/punk, powerviolence and black metal aestetic. Their newest release “ES500LP” on Virkelighedsfjern was recorded in SomeStudio, Odense, Denmark by Peter Østergaard in two seperate sessions on different gear and equipment. All 200 covers are handprinted by the band.
With “ES500LP” the band move in a slightly more melodic direction without losing that feeling of hating you, the world and everything in it.

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